List Servers

It will list your added servers

  • 1 List of serversNotice footer icons - Connect, Edit, Delete
  • 2Server IPYou can see your server IP and user you use to authenticate
  • 3Add new serverIf you need to add new servers use the left + icon
  • Done

Add servers

  • 1 Click Add server from left button
  • 2Fill in your server infoYou can have servers with key auth or user/password
  • 3If your server is supported click Add & Connect
  • Done

We support following Linux distributions: Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS), 14.10, 15.04, 15.10, 16.04, 16.10 ; CentOS 6.x, 7.x; Amazon Linux 2016.03; Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x, 7.x; Debian 7 and 8 .

Nice dashboard

  • 1 Server StatusDisplays your server uptime, mysql version and fragmented tables
  • 2Useful Information on MySQLStorage Engine Statistics, Network Traffic and Query Statistics
  • 3ChartNice chart that display to 5 queries on your server and their percentage
  • Done

Performance Metrics

Divided into General metrics, innoDB metrics and MyISAM metrics

  • 1 General MetricsGeneral mysql info would say most useful are "Maximum possible memory usage" and "Highest Usage of available connections"
  • 2InnoDB metricsuseful metrics on innoDB
  • 3MyISAM metricsuseful metrics on MyISAM
  • Done


Probably most important function of the app that displays issues and applicable recommendations

  • 1 Issue and RecommendationLists all found issues and what's recommended, please read them.
  • 2Recommended ActionWhere applicable you can tick to Apply and in some cases adjust values
  • 3Apply RecommendationsOnce you ticked what recommendations to apply click Apply Selected button
  • Done

Note that when you apply changes:
- MySQL restarts (your websites will be offline for couple seconds)
- This screen will become unusable for next 6hours as MySQL needs more data to do more changes (recommended is to wait 24hrs)

Slow Query Logs

View all your slow queries

  • 1 Setup Slow QueriesIf slow queries are not already setup you will see a setup screen for slow query file path and time (long_query_time)
  • 2View Slow QueriesList of slow query that you can sort by avg time, total time or occurrence (count #)
  • 3Detail of Slow QueryIf you need to view more info on a specific query just double click on it or click "Show selected query" from bottom of the screen
  • Done

Backup MySQL Config

Automated backups

  • 1 Backup ConfigurationEvery time you make changes from Recommendations screen we make a backup of your config file (my.cnf)
  • 2Restore ConfigurationIf you need to restore to previous version just click Restore button
  • 3
  • Done