MySQL Optimizer App provides an intuitive interface designed to simplify the process of viewing database metrics and issues.


MySQL Optimizer is designed to function with either a dedicated server or a virtual private server. If you don't remember your mysql root password you can reset with new one.


Completely remote system so you don't have to install any software on your server. We provide the tools you need.


MySQL Optimizer applies recommendations safe as the app makes a backup every step so you can easily revert to previous mysql cofiguration .

Many unique features

everything you need to speed up your web sites


Cutting Costs & Saving Time

MySQL Optimizer lowers system administrator workload therefore saving you money. MySQL Optimizer is the perfect solution to have your database optimized and let you dedicate your energy to company growth.


User friendly

The app look and feel is taken as important as its feature set. The navigation feels like second nature along with visual appearance, interactive behavior and assistive capabilities.


Select Features

Everything you need to view database metrics, network traffic, memory usage, slow query logs and apply our recommendations. We're working continuously on many more features.



We are a young team working to improve your experience, listen to your feedback along with your feature requests that should be included for next versions updates. We'll always have your back.

App Pricing

  • MySQL Optimizer App
  • One time payment, unlimited servers, lifetime access.
  • $5.99
  • Dashboard with server and mysql info
  • Setup up unlimited servers
  • See General, InnoDB and myISAM metrics
  • See out recommendations of issues and where applicable you can just set the values and apply settings
  • View slow queries, sort them by occurences and time
  • Apply changes safe as config files are automatically backed up so you can revert if you need to
  • Download from App Store

What should you know before you make your purchase

The app only works on MAC OSX Systems - El Capitan(10.11) or newer

MySQL Optimizer is an effective app that gives you recommendations to optimize MySQL databases. The app provides a graphical interface simplify the process of viewing performance metrics, apply changes based on our recommendations and all mysql slow query logs which are grouped by occurrence number.

Main Features:
- Performance Metrics (very useful info about your server and mysql)
- Slow Query logs that are already grouped so you can fix slow queries that have highest occurrence first.
- Recommendations tab is the app main function, where you see a list of issues and recommendations, where applicable you can set the value and just tick to apply new values.

- When you apply changes MySQL service restarts so your web sites will be offline for couple seconds
- Make sure you understand the changes you make as in some cases they might not be suitable
- You can always revert changes by going to Backup/restore tab and select the version you want to revert to
- Once you apply some changes MySQL needs time to collect data again for new statistics and recommendations and while it's recommended to wait 24hours before applying more changes, the app will allow you to do it after 6hours

Read our FAQ and User Guide for more details. 

Unlimited servers, domains, emails only means that the app functionality is not limited or restricted in any way, you may still be limited by your server resources.